Twigg's Circle Completed in Augusta, Georgia

Working in conjunction with Builders of Hope, Laney Walker, and the city of Augusta; we've successfully completed ground breaking on the Twiggs Circle community in Augusta, Georgia. The community has turned out looking spectacular and these homes will provide high-quality, affordable housing in a once blighted community. We have our eyes set forward to repairing and rehabilitating many more ...


Eco’s community contributions recognized!

We’ve been recognized by NYSE and the United Athlete Foundation’s charity in conjunction with our partner, Builders of Hope.

About Builders of Hope
Builders of Hope is a non-profit organization, 501(c)3 based in Raleigh, N.C. that provides safe, affordable housing to working families through a comprehensive model that incorporates economic benefits, environmental stewardship and social solutions. The organization helps families who otherwise couldn’t afford it, purchase a home of their own or rent quality housing. Builders of Hope saves homes slated for demolition and recycles them using its “Extreme Green Rehabilitation” model for residential construction. The patent-pending process creates beautiful, healthier homes that are energy efficient and less costly to maintain. In Dallas, Builders of Hope operates under the name Ecological Community Builders.

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